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    Bryson Farms welcomes you to its family of home delivery customers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. We offer our customers absolutely fresh, often exotic, and definitely certified organic heirloom vegetables delivered to your door every week, year-round.

    Bryson Farms searches the globe for heirloom/heritage seeds which enable us to provide our home delivery customers with unusual and flavourful vegetables for the discerning palate. During the growing season, we only deliver the produce which we grow and inspect, so nothing we sell is re-sold or imported. Everything we sell is heirloom flavourful and fresh.

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    Our farm is Certified Organic according to the following standards:


      * Canadian Organic Standard;

      * Quebec Organic Reference Standard (CARTV);

    We grow heirloom vegetables because of their amazing flavour, especially when delivered absolutely fresh to our customer's door.

    Our vegetables taste like vegetables are supposed to taste!

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    Bryson Farms is a CERTIFIED ORGANIC farm (by the OCPP) which delivers fresh and exotic produce to your door every week.

    Everything Bryson Farms delivers is picked the day before delivery to ensure absolute freshness and quality. We supply our family of home delivery customers with a "pick-of-the-day" basket of fresh and unusual vegetables which changes as the season progresses.

    We offer our clients an Online Payment option as well as access to a client blog
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    We are proud members of Savour Ottawa.
    For more information about this group of
    local producers, visit its website at







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    The crew at Bryson Farms has been extremely busy this past growing season - not only growing the largest crop of certified organic produce in Eastern Canada, but also building a new industrial kitchen for processing those great-tasting vegetables. Our target market is health-conscious consumers who will appreciate that all of our prepared foods are not only Canadian Organic, but most also have “no added salt,” are “low-fat,” “cholesterol-free,” and “high-in-fibre.”


    Now, locally-grown, Canadian Organic produce is not just a prize of the growing season, but can be enjoyed year-round! Click here to see our new frozen food offerings.

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    After our worst Spring on record, things are finally turning around at the farm and our second and third planting of so many crops are thriving – including our heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, baby leaf salad greens, heirloom carrots and beets and so much more!

    If you are not on our home delivery route, please visit us at our new indoor/outdoor market at the Field House at Parkdale (

Contact Information

Note: The best way to contact us is via e-mail. We are often in the field until very late and aren't able to reply to our telephone messages at reasonable hours.

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


R.R.1, 25 Stewart Road
Shawville, Quebec J0X 2Y0

Tel: (819) 647-3456
Fax: (819) 647-6785

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